Winning Advertisement Campaign with the Best PPC Ads

About 60 percent of all the trade in the United States takes place online, and that number is also significantly growing in countries such as China and India.

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Every digital marketer desires to conquer the art of content marketing to maximize its digital marketing ROI.
Consider your content before you launch a new PPC campaign.
Writing catchy and compelling PPC ad copy helps entice users to click on your content.

As a business or a marketer with an online presence, you’ve probably heard of the term PPC. It just an acronym for ‘Pay-Per-Click,’ which, if effectively used, can transform your business’ online presence and get you those numbers that you want. In this advertising model, you will pay a small fee each time one of your ads is clicked. Now just hold on a minute? Why would someone pay for an ad click, and the sale from the ads PPC wasn’t guaranteed? Good point. But on the upside, what if you did manage to close a sale from just one click? Say, you paid $1 for a single click, and that click resulted in a sale of $100. It effectively means the ROI was massive. Furthermore, it means that the customer wouldn’t need to click your ad again to make another sale.

The other strategy or alternative to PPC ads is organic searches, although these will certainly take you more time and effort to achieve, and require that you already have a solid online presence. Our PPC ads publisher will generate the best kind of ads for you, and we will advise you on the most suitable platforms that your ad should be displayed on. We have a robust team of professionals who are knowledgeable in website, search engine, and social media PPC design.

Our professionals have expertise and years of experience creating the following types of ads:

  • LinkedIn PPC ads
  • Facebook PPC ads
  • Yahoo PPC ads
  • Google PPC ads
  • Bing PPC ads
  • PPC banner ads
  • PPC text ads

Maybe we should elaborate on the difference between PPC text and banner ads, as this is where most people tend to get it confused. Banner ads are creative and highly visual pieces utilizing hero images or displays that automatically link to the advertiser’s web page. These are the most frequent form of web advertising, and most people are used to seeing them on virtually every website they visit. Banner ads can be static or animated, which usually use a flash player installed to make them more appealing. Banner ads are great because you can achieve the following functions with them:

  • Retargeting audiences. Maybe somebody clicked on your ad by accident or didn’t sign up for your newsletter or notifications. You may end up getting a new customer with a colorful ad campaign.
  • Brand or product awareness. Most people may not get a chance to see your product in an ad in the paper. A banner ad may be the best way to reach netizens with a new product.
  • Lead generator. Get more clicks to your site and see that ripple effect translated to site visit growth and revenue.

Text ads are the simplest types of PPC ads, and will usually involve a header, a display URL and a small description of what the site is about. You can also use special characters which make your text better looking. If you’ve asked yourself several times, “What are the best PPC ads for my website?”, we have the perfect solution for you.